Class DefaultOptionsProvider

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public class DefaultOptionsProvider extends Object implements
This class configures three key components of the Google Cast: The Cast Receiver App Id, the Expanded Controller Activity and the Notification Target Activity. By Default, only the Cast Receiver App Id is set, which is under the strings.xml file with the key cast_receiver_app_id. You can replace this id by overriding the same key in your strings.xmk file. You need to set the ExpandedControllerActivity through the AndroidManifest as meta-data as shown below: <meta-data android:name="com.brightcove.cast.DefaultOptionsProvider.EXPANDED_CONTROLLER_ACTIVITY_CLASS_NAME" android:value="com.brightcove.cast.DefaultExpandedControllerActivity" /> In the same way, you can set the Notification Target Activity, for example: <meta-data android:name="com.brightcove.cast.DefaultOptionsProvider.OPTIONS_PROVIDER_CLASS_NAME" android:value="com.brightcove.cast.DefaultExpandedControllerActivity" />
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    • TAG

      public static final String TAG

      public static final String EXPANDED_CONTROLLER_ACTIVITY_CLASS_NAME
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      public static final String NOTIFICATION_TARGET_ACTIVITY_CLASS_NAME
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    • DefaultOptionsProvider

      public DefaultOptionsProvider()
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    • getCastOptions

      public getCastOptions(android.content.Context context)
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      getCastOptions in interface
    • getAdditionalSessionProviders

      public List<> getAdditionalSessionProviders(android.content.Context context)
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      getAdditionalSessionProviders in interface