Class DefaultSessionManagerListener

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    public abstract class DefaultSessionManagerListener
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper abstract SessionManagerListener to allow selective overrides. All methods are implemented as no-ops.
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      void onSessionEnded​( castSession, int i)  
      void onSessionEnding​( castSession)  
      void onSessionResumed​( castSession, boolean b)  
      void onSessionResumeFailed​( castSession, int i)  
      void onSessionResuming​( castSession, java.lang.String s)  
      void onSessionStarted​( castSession, java.lang.String s)  
      void onSessionStartFailed​( castSession, int i)  
      void onSessionStarting​( castSession)  
      void onSessionSuspended​( castSession, int i)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultSessionManagerListener

        public DefaultSessionManagerListener()
    • Method Detail

      • onSessionStarting

        public void onSessionStarting​( castSession)
        Specified by:
        onSessionStarting in interface<>
      • onSessionStarted

        public void onSessionStarted​( castSession,
                                     java.lang.String s)
        Specified by:
        onSessionStarted in interface<>
      • onSessionStartFailed

        public void onSessionStartFailed​( castSession,
                                         int i)
        Specified by:
        onSessionStartFailed in interface<>
      • onSessionEnding

        public void onSessionEnding​( castSession)
        Specified by:
        onSessionEnding in interface<>
      • onSessionEnded

        public void onSessionEnded​( castSession,
                                   int i)
        Specified by:
        onSessionEnded in interface<>
      • onSessionResuming

        public void onSessionResuming​( castSession,
                                      java.lang.String s)
        Specified by:
        onSessionResuming in interface<>
      • onSessionResumed

        public void onSessionResumed​( castSession,
                                     boolean b)
        Specified by:
        onSessionResumed in interface<>
      • onSessionResumeFailed

        public void onSessionResumeFailed​( castSession,
                                          int i)
        Specified by:
        onSessionResumeFailed in interface<>
      • onSessionSuspended

        public void onSessionSuspended​( castSession,
                                       int i)
        Specified by:
        onSessionSuspended in interface<>