Class BrightcoveCastMediaManager

All Implemented Interfaces:

@Emits(events={"setMediaInfo","addMediaInfo","setMediaControllerConfig","removeVideoStill","setVideoStill","setSource","pause","stop","play","restoreDefaultMediaController"}) @ListensFor(events={"completed","didSeekTo","didSetVideo","progress","setSource","play","controlBarCreated","castSessionStarted","castSessionEnded","activityStarted"}) public class BrightcoveCastMediaManager extends AbstractComponent
  • Constructor Details

    • BrightcoveCastMediaManager

      public BrightcoveCastMediaManager(android.content.Context context, EventEmitter eventEmitter)
    • BrightcoveCastMediaManager

      public BrightcoveCastMediaManager(android.content.Context context, EventEmitter eventEmitter, MediaControllerConfig mediaControllerConfig)
  • Method Details

    • isSessionAvailable

      public boolean isSessionAvailable()
    • updateBrightcoveMediaController

      public void updateBrightcoveMediaController(boolean isRemote)
    • isAutoCastIfPlaying

      public boolean isAutoCastIfPlaying()
      If enabled, the video playing locally will be automatically loaded to your Chromecast app receiver as soon as you get connected.
      true to enable auto cast if playing.
    • setAutoCastIfPlaying

      public void setAutoCastIfPlaying(boolean autoCastIfPlaying)
      If enabled, the video playing locally will be automatically loaded to your Chromecast app receiver as soon as you get connected.
      autoCastIfPlaying - true to enable auto cast if playing.
    • setCustomData

      public void setCustomData(@Nullable CustomData customData)
      The Brightcove CustomData to be used when sending custom data to the Cast receiver app.
    • getCustomData

      @Nullable public CustomData getCustomData()
    • enableCustomData

      public void enableCustomData(boolean enableCustomData)
      If enabled, custom data is added to the MediaInfo object when sending information to the Cast receiver app. Otherwise, custom data is not added.
      enableCustomData - Whether to enable or disable custom data.
    • setQueueingSupported

      public void setQueueingSupported(boolean isQueueingSupported)
      Whether queueing is supported in the cast receiver app.

      If true, queueing option is not displayer to the user. Otherwise, the is shown.

      isQueueingSupported - Whether queuing is supported in the Cast receiver app.
    • isCustomDataEnabled

      public boolean isCustomDataEnabled()
      Whether custom data is enabled or not.
    • loadMediaInfo

      protected void loadMediaInfo()
    • loadMediaInfo

      protected void loadMediaInfo(@NonNull mediaInfo)
    • loadMediaInfo

      protected void loadMediaInfo(@NonNull mediaInfo, long positionMs)
    • addMediaInfo

      protected void addMediaInfo()
    • addMediaInfo

      protected void addMediaInfo( mediaInfo)
    • onConnectionAvailable

      protected void onConnectionAvailable(Event event)
    • onConnectionUnavailable

      protected void onConnectionUnavailable(Event event)
    • setupRemoteController

      protected void setupRemoteController()
    • resetToLocalController

      protected void resetToLocalController()
    • setupBrightcoveControlBar

      protected void setupBrightcoveControlBar(BrightcoveControlBar controlBar)
    • createCastCustomData

      @Nullable protected org.json.JSONObject createCastCustomData(@Nullable CustomData customData, @Nullable Video video)