Class FreeWheelEventType


public final class FreeWheelEventType extends Object
Contains String constants for the EventTypes used by the FreeWheel plugin
  • Field Details

    • LOCK

      public static final String LOCK
      Used when the freewheel plugin 'locks' and restricts certain events from bubbling up
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    • UNLOCK

      public static final String UNLOCK
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      public static final String DID_LOAD_AD_MANAGER
      Emitted when the FreeWheel Ad Manager has been loaded.
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      public static final String SHOW_DISPLAY_ADS
      Alert to listeners that there is a new Display ad ready for layout. Event will contain a list of ad slots
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      public static final String WILL_SUBMIT_AD_REQUEST
      Emitted before the Plugin makes an Ad Request. Can be used by developers as an opportunity to edit the AdContext before a request
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      public static final String DID_SUBMIT_AD_REQUEST
      Emitted after the Plugin makes an Ad Request
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  • Constructor Details

    • FreeWheelEventType

      public FreeWheelEventType()