Class BrightcoveClosedCaptioningController

All Implemented Interfaces:

@ListensFor(events={"captionsLanguages","stop","enterTvMode","hidePlayerOptions"}) @Emits(events={"captionsDialogOk","captionsDialogSettings","toggleClosedCaptions","selectClosedCaptionTrack"}) public class BrightcoveClosedCaptioningController extends AbstractComponent
A controller class for managing closed captioning dialogue windows.
  • Field Details

    • context

      protected final android.content.Context context
  • Constructor Details

    • BrightcoveClosedCaptioningController

      public BrightcoveClosedCaptioningController(BaseVideoView videoView, android.content.Context context)
      videoView - A video view in charge of media playback.
      context - The context of the main application's activity.
  • Method Details

    • setShouldImportSystemSettings

      public void setShouldImportSystemSettings(boolean shouldImport)
      Method to set whether to import the system caption settings before displaying captions on a video.
    • getLoadCaptionsService

      public LoadCaptionsService getLoadCaptionsService()
      Method to return the LoadCaptionsService instance for fetching captions URI's.
      the LoadCaptionsService instance.
    • validateCaptionSourcesField

      public boolean validateCaptionSourcesField(Object obj)
      Helper method to validate the types of the CAPTION_SOURCES video field, which should always be a List<Pair<InputStream, BrightcoveCaptionFormat>>.
      obj - the object to test for the correct type.
      true if the types are correct, false otherwise.
    • checkIfCaptionsExist

      public boolean checkIfCaptionsExist(Video video)
      Check to see if the Video passed in has closed captioning data.
      video - The video to check
      true if captions exist, false otherwise.
    • showCaptionsDialog

      public void showCaptionsDialog()
      Helper that prepares the captions dialog with the current state and displays the dialog over the video player.
    • isCaptioningEnabled

      public boolean isCaptioningEnabled()
      Checks the closed captioning enabled/disabled state from the applications shared preferences.
      true for CC enabled, false for disabled.
    • saveClosedCaptioningState

      public void saveClosedCaptioningState(boolean state)
      Save the closed captioning enabled/disabled state to the applications shared preferences.
      state - The enabled/disabled state to save.
    • setLocaleCode

      public void setLocaleCode(String localeCode)
      Stores the locale code in the default shared preferences, so it will be persisted.
      localeCode - The two character locale code.
    • initCaptionsMenu

      protected void initCaptionsMenu()
      Init caption menu for Android TV. It initializes the Player option menu when necessary.
    • showCaptionsMenu

      protected void showCaptionsMenu()
      Show caption menu for Android TV.
    • hideCaptionsMenu

      protected void hideCaptionsMenu()
      Hide caption menu for Android TV.
    • selectCaptions

      public void selectCaptions(int trackIndex)
      Selects the caption option and and emits the one selected. Making this method public instead of protected allows for its use in custom caption dialogs
      trackIndex - the caption index