Class VideoStillDisplayComponent

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@Emits(events={"didSetVideoStill","didRemoveVideoStill"}) @ListensFor(events={"activityStopped","cuePoint","didSeekTo","progress","adProgress","adBreakStarted","fragmentStopped","setVideoStill","willInterruptContent","removeVideoStill"}) public class VideoStillDisplayComponent extends AbstractComponent implements Component
Provides a simple Component interface to load Video Still images from a Video object into an ImageView. Makes use of LoadImageTask to handle loading images over the network.
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    • TAG

      public static final String TAG
  • Constructor Details

    • VideoStillDisplayComponent

      public VideoStillDisplayComponent(android.widget.ImageView view, EventEmitter eventEmitter)
      Initializes this component with the given ImageView and EventEmitter. The Video Still image URL provided in the SET_VIDEO_STILL event will be used to load the image into the ImageView.
      view - the ImageView in which the Video Still image will be loaded.
      eventEmitter - the EventEmitter to use in this Component