Class ExoPlayerDrmSessionManager

All Implemented Interfaces:
BrightcoveDrmSession, DrmSession

public class ExoPlayerDrmSessionManager extends Object implements DrmSession
A DrmSessionManager that supports offline playback of DRM restricted content using MediaDrm.

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    • ExoPlayerDrmSessionManager

      @Deprecated public ExoPlayerDrmSessionManager(UUID uuid, mediaDrm, callback, HashMap<String,String> optionalKeyRequestParameters)
      uuid - The UUID of the drm scheme.
      mediaDrm - An underlying ExoMediaDrm for use by the manager.
      callback - Performs key and provisioning requests.
      optionalKeyRequestParameters - An optional map of parameters to pass as the last argument to MediaDrm.getKeyRequest(byte[], byte[], String, int, HashMap). May be null.
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