Class CaptionsButtonController

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessibilityListener, Component, ButtonController, RemoteControlKeyState

@ListensFor(events={"activityResumed","captionsDialogOk","captionsDialogSettings","fragmentResumed","enterTvMode","willChangeVideo"}) public class CaptionsButtonController extends AbstractButtonController
The default Brightcove captions button controller.
  • Constructor Details

    • CaptionsButtonController

      public CaptionsButtonController(android.content.Context context, BaseVideoView videoView, BrightcoveControlBar controlBar, font, android.os.Bundle bundle)
      DefaultMediaController requires a reference to the Context for resource lookups and toggling full-screen mode. Also requires a BrightcoveVideoView to determine the play/pause state.
      context - The Android application context.
      videoView - The base video view with the captions button.
      controlBar - The caption button's parent view.
      font - The, possibly null, typeface for the button.
      bundle - The, possibly null, state save information generated on an Activity lifecycle or configuration change event.
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