Class FullScreenButtonController

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessibilityListener, Component, ButtonController, RemoteControlKeyState

public class FullScreenButtonController extends AbstractButtonController
The default Brightcove fullScreen controller. This class is responsible for putting the video view into full screen mode and taking it out of full screen mode in response to programattic (via SDK events) or user interactions (button clicks).
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    • FullScreenButtonController

      public FullScreenButtonController(android.content.Context context, BaseVideoView videoView, BrightcoveControlBar controlBar, font)
      Builds a button controller to manage the full screen button. The states are either in full screen or not in full screen.
      context - The Android application context.
      videoView - The SDK video view object.
      controlBar - The button widget parent view.
      font - The, possibly null, typeface for the button.
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