Class DefaultMediaDescriptionAdapter

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultMediaDescriptionAdapter extends Object implements
The @{link MediaDescriptionAdapter} for the player notification displayed in the notification.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultMediaDescriptionAdapter

      public DefaultMediaDescriptionAdapter(MediaPlayback<> playback)
      Construct a new adapter from the current media playback.
      playback - The MediaPlayback with ExoPlayer as the Player.
  • Method Details

    • getCurrentContentTitle

      public CharSequence getCurrentContentTitle( player)
      Specified by:
      getCurrentContentTitle in interface
    • getCurrentContentText

      @Nullable public CharSequence getCurrentContentText( player)
      Specified by:
      getCurrentContentText in interface
    • createCurrentContentIntent

      @Nullable public createCurrentContentIntent( player)
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      createCurrentContentIntent in interface
    • getCurrentLargeIcon

      @Nullable public getCurrentLargeIcon( player, callback)
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      getCurrentLargeIcon in interface