Package com.brightcove.player.video360

package com.brightcove.player.video360
  • Class
    Utility methods to work with Open GL library.
    Open GL Exception is an unchecked exception that will be thrown when the player encounters Open GL errors that prevent 360 degree video playback.
    RenderThread waits for the SphericalVideoPlayer's SurfaceTexture to be available then sets up a GL rendering context, creates an external texture for the video decoder to output to, asks for vsync updates from the Choreographer, attaches a frame available listener the video decode SurfaceTexture, then begins video playback.
    Rotation monitor can be use watch for device rotation changes.
    Defines the contract of listener that can receive notifications about device rotation changes.
    Creates and renders a sphere centered at (0, 0, 0) textured with the current video frame.