Interface RenderView

All Known Implementing Classes:
BrightcoveClosedCaptioningSurfaceView, BrightcoveSurfaceView, BrightcoveTextureView

public interface RenderView
A common interface implemented by BrightcoveSurfaceView and BrightcoveTextureView.
  • Method Details

    • getContext

      android.content.Context getContext()
    • getHolder

      android.view.SurfaceHolder getHolder()
    • getHeight

      int getHeight()
    • getLayoutParams

      android.view.ViewGroup.LayoutParams getLayoutParams()
    • getMeasuredHeight

      int getMeasuredHeight()
    • getMeasuredVideoHeight

      int getMeasuredVideoHeight()
    • getMeasuredVideoWidth

      int getMeasuredVideoWidth()
    • getWidth

      int getWidth()
    • getVideoHeight

      int getVideoHeight()
    • getVideoWidth

      int getVideoWidth()
    • getParent

      android.view.ViewParent getParent()
    • getSurface

      android.view.Surface getSurface()
    • setSurface

      void setSurface(android.view.Surface surface)
    • invalidate

      void invalidate()
    • release

      void release()
    • setLayoutParams

      void setLayoutParams(android.view.ViewGroup.LayoutParams layoutParams)
    • setVideoSize

      void setVideoSize(int videoWidth, int videoHeight)
    • setVisibility

      void setVisibility(int visibility)
    • isShown

      boolean isShown()
    • getProjectionFormat

      @NonNull Video.ProjectionFormat getProjectionFormat()
    • setProjectionFormat

      void setProjectionFormat(@Nullable Video.ProjectionFormat projectionFormat)
    • isVrMode

      boolean isVrMode()
      Checks whether the surface is currently configured to render the video in Google VR mode.
      true if Google VR mode is enabled, otherwise false.
      See Also:
    • setVrMode

      void setVrMode(boolean vrMode)
      Sets whether the surface should render the video in Google VR mode.
      vrMode - true if Google VR mode should be enabled, otherwise false.
      See Also: