Class SSAIComponent

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@ListensFor(events={"didSelectSource","didSetSource","startAdBreak"}) @Emits(events={"adDataReady","adError","error"}) public class SSAIComponent extends AbstractComponent
Provide a class to support the Brightcove Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) functionality.
  • Constructor Details

    • SSAIComponent

      public SSAIComponent(@NonNull android.content.Context context, @NonNull BaseVideoView baseVideoView)
      context - The current applicaton context
      baseVideoView - The BaseVideoView
    • SSAIComponent

      public SSAIComponent(@NonNull android.content.Context context, @NonNull BaseVideoView baseVideoView, int connectTimeout, int readTimeout)
      context - The current application context
      baseVideoView - The BaseVideoView
      connectTimeout - The connect timeout override in milliseconds. The default value is 10000 milliseconds.
      readTimeout - The read read timeout in milliseconds. The default value is 10000 milliseconds.
  • Method Details

    • processVideo

      public void processVideo(@NonNull Video video)
      Process a video that has a VMAP url in at least one if its sources.
      video - the video to play.
      See Also:
    • processVideo

      public void processVideo(@NonNull String adData)
      Process a video given an ad metadata URL and a content URL. Default to using the VMAP technology and XML data bindings.
      adData - The given VMAP data, either as am ad server URL or as an XML String.
    • processVideo

      public void processVideo(@NonNull String vmapXMLString, @Nullable String remoteLicenseUrl)
      Process a video given an ad metadata VMAP XML.
      vmapXMLString - The given VMAP XML as a String.
      remoteLicenseUrl - The given remoteLicenseUrl for the content.
    • updateAdTargetingValues

      public void updateAdTargetingValues(@NonNull Map<String,String> adTargetingValues)
      Updates the key/value pairs used for audience segment targeting. These values will be appended to the VMAP Url. For example, if you provide the following map:
       Map<String, String> audienceSegmentTargetingValues = new HashMap<>();
       audienceSegmentTargetingValues.put("section", "sports");
       audienceSegmentTargetingValues.put("multi", "baseball,tennis");
      The following string will be appended to the provided VMAP Url:


    • addCompanionContainer

      public void addCompanionContainer(android.view.ViewGroup companionContainer)
      Add an additional companion ad container.
      companionContainer - The new companion ad container.
    • clearCompanionContainers

      public void clearCompanionContainers()
      Clear all companion ad containers currently being used in the plugin.
    • removeListeners

      public void removeListeners()
      Description copied from class: AbstractComponent
      Removes all set listeners from the EventEmitter.
      removeListeners in class AbstractComponent