Class Triggers


public class Triggers extends Object
Contains helper static methods related to TimedTrackingTrigger.
  • Method Details

    • create

      public static List<com.brightcove.ssai.tracking.timed.TimedTrackingTrigger> create(@NonNull EventEmitter eventEmitter)
      Crates the TimedTrackingTriggers of the supported TrackingEvents.
      A List of the TimedTrackingTriggers
    • isValueInBetween

      public static boolean isValueInBetween(long value, long min, long max)
      Checks whether a value is in between the min and the max. The min value is inclusive and the max value is exclusive, in fewer words [min, max).
      value - the value to check.
      min - the minimum value.
      max - the maximum value.
      true if value is in between [min, max], false otherwise.
    • emitTrackingEvent

      public static void emitTrackingEvent(@NonNull EventEmitter eventEmitter, @NonNull List<TrackingEvent> trackingEvents, @NonNull Ad<?> ad, @NonNull TrackingType trackingType)
      Helper method to emit each TrackingEvent from a list.
      eventEmitter - EventEmitter used to emit the TrackingEvents.
      trackingEvents - TrackingEvents to be emitted.
      ad - The ad being tracked.
      trackingType - The tracking type for this event.