Class HttpRequestConfig


public class HttpRequestConfig extends Object
An immutable configuration class whose values are used as part of an HTTP request, either as query parameters or as headers.
  • Field Details


      public static final String KEY_DELIVERY_RULE_CONFIG_ID
      Defines the expected key for a delivery rule as a query parameter in a catalog request.
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      public static final String KEY_AD_CONFIG_ID
      Defines the expected key for an adConfig as a query parameter in a catalog request.
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  • Method Details

    • empty

      public static HttpRequestConfig empty()
    • getInstance

      public static HttpRequestConfig getInstance()
    • buildUpon

      public HttpRequestConfig.Builder buildUpon()
      Creates a new HttpRequestConfig.Builder using the current HttpRequestConfig instance.
      An HttpRequestConfig.Builder initialized with the parameters of this instance.
    • getBrightcoveAuthorizationToken

      @NonNull public String getBrightcoveAuthorizationToken()
      Gets the Brightcove authorization token. Depending on your VideoCloud account configuration, this token might be required in order to successfully make certain requests.
      the brightcove auth token
    • getCustomerRightsTokenConfig

      @NonNull public CustomerRightsTokenConfig getCustomerRightsTokenConfig()
    • getRequestHeaders

      @NonNull public Map<String,String> getRequestHeaders()
      Gets the HTTP request headers as a map of key-value pairs.
      the request headers
    • getQueryParameters

      @NonNull public Map<String,String> getQueryParameters()
      Gets the HTTP request query parameters as a map of key-value pairs.
      the query parameters