Class InclusiveHEVCVideoTrackSelectionOverride

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public final class InclusiveHEVCVideoTrackSelectionOverride extends Object implements TrackSelectionOverrideCreator

Selects all the indices of the Video Formats that has HVC codecs plus any other Format with a different codec and different resolution than the HVC ones.

It then creates a TrackSelectionOverrides.TrackSelectionOverride with this information.

If TrackGroup retrieved by the track index is either null or empty, TrackSelectionOverrideCreator.EMPTY_TRACK_SELECTION_OVERRIDES is returned.

  • Method Details

    • create

      public static InclusiveHEVCVideoTrackSelectionOverride create(@NonNull android.content.Context context)
      Creates an instance of InclusiveHEVCVideoTrackSelectionOverride
      context - the android context
    • create

      @NonNull public create(@NonNull trackGroups, int trackIndex, @Nullable parameters)
      Description copied from interface: TrackSelectionOverrideCreator

      Creates a TrackSelectionOverrides.TrackSelectionOverride based on the TrackGroup and track index provided.

      The TrackGroupArray can be retrieved by calling MappingTrackSelector.MappedTrackInfo.getTrackGroups(int).

      Specified by:
      create in interface TrackSelectionOverrideCreator
      trackGroups - the Track Group Array from the current Video
      trackIndex - the track index of the TrackGroupArray to be impacted.
      parameters - it contains the TrackSelector parameters that can further constraint the SelectionOverride
      the Track Selection Override to be set to the DefaultTrackSelector