Class TimedTracker

All Implemented Interfaces:
TickerObserver, Tracker, TrackingConfigListener

public class TimedTracker extends Object implements Tracker, TickerObserver, TrackingConfigListener
Class in charge of handling the timed tracking events.
  • Method Details

    • create

      public static TimedTracker create(@NonNull Timeline timeline, @NonNull TrackerDatasource trackerDatasource, @NonNull List<com.brightcove.ssai.tracking.timed.TimedTrackingTrigger> timedTrackingTriggers)
      Instantiates a TimedTracker.
      timeline - an instance of the Timeline to track.
      trackerDatasource - an instance of TrackerDatasource
      timedTrackingTriggers - the List of the TimedTrackingTrigger to track.
      new instance of a TimedTracker.
    • onTick

      public void onTick(long previous, long current)
      Description copied from interface: TickerObserver
      A tick represent an poll from the underlying video player.
      Specified by:
      onTick in interface TickerObserver
      previous - the last playhead position in milliseconds
      current - the current playhead position in milliseconds
    • getTimeline

      @NonNull public Timeline getTimeline()
      Description copied from interface: Tracker
      Returns the Timeline.
      Specified by:
      getTimeline in interface Tracker
    • track

      public void track(@NonNull List<TrackingEvent> trackingEvents)
      Description copied from interface: Tracker
      Tracks the given TrackingEvent.
      Specified by:
      track in interface Tracker
      trackingEvents - List of events to be tracked.
    • onTrackingConfigChanged

      public void onTrackingConfigChanged(@NonNull TrackingConfig trackingConfig)
      Description copied from interface: TrackingConfigListener
      Triggered when there is a TrackingConfig change.
      Specified by:
      onTrackingConfigChanged in interface TrackingConfigListener
      trackingConfig - the tracking config