Class GoogleCastComponent.Builder

    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder​(@NonNull
                       EventEmitter eventEmitter,
                       android.content.Context context)
        Constructor of the Builder.
        eventEmitter - the event emitter of the current player.
        context - the context.
    • Method Detail

      • setEnableCustomData

        public GoogleCastComponent.Builder setEnableCustomData​(boolean enableCustomData)
        Whether to send custom data to the Cast receiver app. The value is set to false by default.
        this builder instance.
      • setQueuingSupported

        public GoogleCastComponent.Builder setQueuingSupported​(boolean isQueuingSupported)
        Whether queueing is supported in the cast receiver app. Please note that queueing is not supported in the Brightcove Cast receiver app If true, the Add To Queue menu item is displayed to the user. If false, only the Play Now menu item is shown.
        isQueuingSupported - Whether queuing is supported in a custom Cast receiver app.
        this builder instance.
      • setAutoPlay

        public GoogleCastComponent.Builder setAutoPlay​(boolean autoPlay)
        Whether playback on the Cast device should start immediately.
        autoPlay - Whether playback on the Cast device should start immediately.
        this builder instance