Analytics Related to Offline Playback with the Native SDKs

In this topic, you will learn how to track analytics for video download and offline playback with the Brightcove Native Player SDKs.

With the increasing demand to download video content on mobile devices and watch it without any connection, the ability to understand users viewing behavior can be a challenge.

The Brightcove Native Player SDKs for Android and iOS allow you to track and learn about user behavior by providing analytics related to offline playback.

Video views
Video views


Analytics data associated with offline playback includes both video download and offline playback metrics. The Native Player SDKs handle these metrics as follows:

  • Download data is sent to Brightcove during video download.
  • Offline playback data is stored locally on your device until it is connected to a network.
  • As the app developer, you can choose to let the SDK upload data with a mobile connection or limit uploads to WIFI only.
  • The default cap on the amount of data stored is set to 500MB, but the app developer can override this setting. This corresponds to several hundred hours of offline playback metrics.
  • Retry logic exists for all events, but we prioritize video views and send them first.

Video download data

Metrics include:

  • Download request, including rendition bitrate and rendition dimensions
  • Download complete
  • Download failure
  • Download cancellation

Viewing analytics

Using the Analytics API, you can view the following download metrics:

Dimension Field
video video_download_request

For details about viewing these download metrics from the Analytics API, see the Dimension: video document.

Sample request

To return data for the download-specific fields, your HTTP GET request to the Analytics API will look similar to this: account id&dimensions=video&fields=video_download_request,video_download_complete,video_download_cancellation,video_download_error

Sample response

Below is the JSON response from the request above:

"item_count": 49,
"items": [
"video_download_error": 0,
"video": "4801360675001",
"video_download_complete": 1,
"video_download_request": 1,
"video_view": 1,
"video_download_cancellation": 0
"summary": {
"video_download_error": 0,
"video_view": 326,
"video_download_request": 5,
"video_download_complete": 5,
"video_download_cancellation": 0

Offline playback data

Metrics include:

  • Device type, manufacturer, OS, OS version
  • Geographic location
  • Domain
  • Video ID
  • Video views (number of offline video views)
  • Video engagement (percent of video viewed)

Viewing analytics

In the future, analytics data associated with offline playback will be exposed through the Analytics API.