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    Android: Playhead Position and Video Duration

    In this topic, you will learn about changes when using the playhead position and video duration with the Brightcove Native SDK for Android.


    In earlier versions of the Brightcove Native SDK for Android, int and Integer data types were used to handle values for playhead position (including seek position) and video duration.

    With the Native SDK for Android version 6.18.0, we have aligned with the ExoPlayer library for handling these values. The Native SDK has migrated from using int and Integer data types to long and Long data types.

    Deprecation and replacement

    This migration involves two processes:

    • Deprecation of all int and Integer playhead position and duration value references, in class members and methods
    • Creation of new class members and methods with a Long postfix on their names


    Here are some examples of this deprecation and replacement:

    In the ExoPlayerVideoDisplayComponent:

    • Deprecated: videoDisplayComponent.getLiveEdge()
    • New: videoDisplayComponent.getLiveEdgeLong()

    In the Video class:

    • Deprecated: video.getDuration()
    • New: video.getDurationLong()


    The following requirements are needed for this feature:

    • Brightcove Native SDK for Android 6.18.0 or higher

    Using the new data types

    Even though the Brightcove Native SDK for Android still supports the use of integer types, the replacement of these marks a breaking point for new releases. Therefore, we recommend implementing these replacements on your projects going forward.


    Here are some examples of the new members and methods:

    Listen for playhead position and video duration

    Map<String, Object> properties = new HashMap<>();
        properties.put(Event.PLAYHEAD_POSITION_LONG, exoPlayer.getCurrentPosition());
        properties.put(Event.VIDEO, getCurrentVideo());
        eventEmitter.emit(EventType.DID_STOP, properties);

    Get current playhead position

    long position = event.getLongProperty(Event.PLAYHEAD_POSITION_LONG);


    long position = brightcoveVideoView.getVideoDisplay().getPlayerCurrentPosition();

    Get video duration

    long duration = videoView.getVideoDisplay().getCurrentVideo().getDurationLong();


    long duration = event.getLongProperty(Event.VIDEO_DURATION_LONG);

    Deprecated classes and methods

    The following class members and methods are now deprecated:

    AbstractEvent class

    • END_TIME

    BaseVideoView class

    • duration
    • playheadPosition
    • getDuration()
    • getCurrentPosition()
    • seekTo(int position)

    VideoDisplayComponent class

    • playheadPosition
    • getLiveEdge()

    ExoPlayerVideoDisplayComponent class

    • getLiveEdge()

    GooglecastComponent class


    GoogleIMAComponent class

    • setAdPosition(int position)
    • getContentPosition()
    • setContentPosition(int position)

    OmnitureComponent class

    • play(Integer position)
    • play(Integer position, boolean shouldIgnoreState)
    • stopPlayback(Integer position)
    • stopPlayback(Integer position, boolean shouldIgnoreState)

    BrightcoveClosedCaption class

    • Brightcove(int beginTime, int endTime, List<List<Span>> testLines)
    • Brightcove(int beginTime, int endTime, String caption)
    • getTimeRange()

    TTMLParser class

    • parseTimeValue(String value)

    BrightcoveMediaController class

    • getSeekBarOffset()

    BrightcoveSeekBarController class

    • getSeekBarOffset()
    • setSeekBarOffset(int offset)

    MediaControllerConfig class

    • setInitialDuration(int initialDuration)
    • setInitialPlayheadPosition(int initialPlayheadPosition)
    • getInitialDuration()
    • getInitialPlayheadPosition()

    SeekButtonController class

    • seekDefault
    • seekStartPosition
    • seekTargetPosition
    • getSeekDefault()
    • setSeekDefault()
    • computeTargetSeekPosition()

    Block class

    • beginTime
    • endTime
    • getBeginTime()
    • setBeginTime(Integer beginTime)
    • getEndTime()
    • setEndTime(Integer endTime)

    CuePoint class

    • CuePointType(int position, String type, Map<String, Object> properties)
    • CuePointType(int position, CuePointType type, Map<String, Object>)
    • getPosition()

    Video class

    • getDuration()

    Video.Field class

    • duration

    BrightcoveClosedCaptioningView class

    • TreeMap<Integer, ArrayList<TimeMapEntry>> captionsPerSecondMap
    • SparseArray<StringBuilder> currentCaptionBlockArray
    • int lastProgressTime
    • findCaptionsForPosition(int position)
    • refreshCaptions(int seekToTime)

    Page last updated on 21 Dec 2021