Android: Brightcove Registration

In this topic, you will learn how to register your app with Brightcove.


For Video Cloud customers, in most cases, when you use the Brightcove Player SDK for Android, your app is registered automatically. For Brightcove Player customers, you need to send your account id from your app. See the details below.

Video Cloud customers

If you use the Brightcove player and the Catalog class included in the SDK to retrieve and play videos, your app will be registered with Brightcove automatically. Also, analytics data will be collected and will appear in your Video Cloud Analytics.

If you override the BrightcoveVideoView class or do not use the Brightcove player and catalog, you need to send your Video Cloud Publisher ID to Video Cloud Analytics. You can do this by using the analytics setAccount() method. This also allows you to view data for this app in Video Cloud Analytics.

Analytics analytics = brightcoveVideoView.getAnalytics();

Brightcove Player customers

As a Brightcove Player customer, you need to register your apps with Brightcove. To do this, you will send your Account ID to Brightcove using the analytics setAccount() method.

Analytics analytics = brightcoveVideoView.getAnalytics();


Now that you know how to register your app, you are ready to learn how to work with your media content.