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    Audio Only with the Native SDKs

    In this topic, you will learn how to work with audio-only playback with the Brightcove Native SDKs.


    Audio-only streams allow you to tap into the sizable audio entertainment ecosystem, including podcasts and radio. With Brightcove, you can ingest and live stream audio-specific content without a video component. Brightcove's player technology has been optimized for audio to mobile, web, and connected home devices. You will even get relevant analytics for audio-only playback.

    Here is an example of a poster image displayed for audio-only content.

    Audio only with poster image
    Audio only with poster image


    The following requirements are needed for this feature:

    Brightcove SDK version

    • Native SDK for Android (coming soon)
    • Native SDK for iOS 6.10.3 and newer

    Android Implementation

    While you can currently play audio-only content, the Native SDK for Android will support audio-only video views in the near future. This will include displaying a poster image and compact controls.

    iOS Implementation

    The Native SDK for iOS supports audio-only content playback. You can customize the player view as follows:

    • Display a poster image for the duration of playback
    • Keep controls visible at all times
    • Use a compact playback view

    Audio-only playback is supported for both VOD and Live streams.

    For details, see the following:

    Page last updated on 12 May 2022