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    Understanding Events with the Native SDK for iOS

    In this topic, you will learn about the most common events triggered and listened for by the Native SDK for iOS.


    The Native SDK uses delegation to respond to user action and video playback events. The lifecycle event delegate method provides events to signal changes in playback state.

    iOS frameworks

    Your iOS app is a combination of custom code, the Native SDK framework and the system frameworks. These frameworks use a model-view-controller design pattern along with delegation to provide functionality for your app.

    model-view-controller design pattern
    model-view-controller design pattern

    Common lifecycle events

    This diagram shows some of the common lifecycle events and how they interact with the components in the Brightcove Player SDK for iOS.

    Common lifecycle events
    Common lifecycle events

    Lifecycle events

    The default Lifecycle events are declared in the BCOVPlaybackSession.h file. Below is a list of the default lifecycle events from the Brightcove Player SDK for iOS that you can listen for and act upon.

    Select any event below to see the associated engineering notes.


    You now have a basic understanding of the Brightcove Player SDK for iOS. Next, you can walk through the steps of building an app which uses the Player SDK.

    Page last updated on 24 Sep 2021