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    China Delivery with the Native SDKs

    In this topic, you will learn how to use the Brightcove Native SDKs to deliver video to China from outside the country.


    Brightcove provides a solution for delivering video to China from outside the country. The solution is comprised of two parts:

    • A proxy server hosted within China
    • A connected China-specific CDN

    The proxy routes non-video traffic (Playback API requests, Analytics beacons, and the web player itself) to and from viewers in China to Brightcove infrastructure located outside.

    The CDN is connected to the proxy and handles the video and image content.


    The following requirements are needed for China Delivery with the Brightcove Native SDKs:


    Device OS version

    • Android 6.0 and newer

    • iOS 11.0 and newer

    Brightcove SDK version

    • Native SDK for Android (coming soon)
    • Native SDK for iOS 6.5.0 and newer

    Android Implementation

    The Native SDK for Android with support for China Delivery will be available for pre-release in early Q3 of 2021.

    iOS Implementation

    To use China Delivery with the Native SDK for iOS, follow these steps

    1. The BCOVGlobalConfiguration class allows you to set custom configurations for the Native SDK for iOS.

    2. Within this class, set the chinaProxyDomain property to a custom, fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the Playback API, metrics and analytics collection services.

      @property (nonatomic, nullable) NSString *chinaProxyDomain


    For details about the limitations for this feature, see the Overview: China Delivery document.

    Page last updated on 08 Jul 2021