Report an Issue with the Brightcove Native SDKs

In this topic, you will learn how to verify a bug and submit a report.


Did something go wrong or happen unexpectedly while developing with the Brightcove Native Player SDKs? Let us know what happened so you can get back on track.

In order to expedite the reporting process, do the following prior to submitting a bug:

  1. Check to see if this is a known issue
  2. Isolate the issue to the Brightcove SDKs

Once you have determined that your issue is not a known issue and it is isolated to the Brightcove SDKs, then you are ready to submit a bug. Please follow these steps:

  1. Provide case specific information
  2. Include additional helpful information
  3. Submit your bug

Check if known issue

First, check if your issue has been reported in the developer forum archive. Here, you can also sign up to be included in the mailing list for release announcements.

Then, check if your error is a known issue stated in the developer documentation:

Isolate the issue

Try to reproduce the issue in one of the sample applications provided. These apps provide a base implementation and can help you reveal if the issue is with the SDK or an external factor.

Test with one of the following sample apps:

Provide information

To provide case specific information, gather the following:

  • Error behavior that you experience / the expected behavior
  • Device Specific details (make, model version)
  • SDK Version used
  • Crash logs (logcat for android, console/device crash logs)
  • Steps to reproduce

Additional information

Include the following details if you can:

  • Code snippet
  • Sample app showing error
  • What you have tried to solve the issue

Submit your bug

Use the following to enter your bug to the support team: