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    Analytics with the Native SDKs

    In this topic, you will learn about analytics solutions that are supported with the Brightcove Native SDKs.


    With analytics data, you can track the success of your videos and better understand your viewer's habits. The Brightcove Native Player SDKs for iOS and Android make it easy to integrate analytics collection into your video solution.

    Analytics solutions:

    Video Cloud Analytics

    Video Cloud customers who use the catalog service will have analytics data automatically collected by our own Brightcove Analytics system. This data is then aggregated and displayed in the Video Cloud Analytics module. The following table highlights data points currently collected in the SDKs:

    Tracked Event iOS SDK Android SDK
    Video impression yes yes
    Video view yes yes
    Video engagement yes yes
    Video complete yes yes

    In addition to these events, you can specify your own custom data, configurable in the app, that can be sent and aggregated for viewing by Brightcove Analytics.

    Brightcove Analytics is only available to Brightcove Video Cloud customers.

    Adobe Analytics (Omniture)

    Offering an in-depth look into the data behind your content, Adobe Analytics is a powerful name in the analytics business. Taking advantage of this expertise, the Brightcove Native Player SDK teams are excited to offer integrations with Adobe Analytics on both iOS and Android platforms.

    Adobe Analytics Feature iOS SDK Android SDK
    Heartbeat yes yes
    Milestone yes yes

    The Omniture plugin is available to both Brightcove Video Cloud and Brightcove Player customers. In addition, the Omniture plugin can be used in combination with the Brightcove built-in Analytics for Brightcove Video Cloud customers.


    For details about adding the Omniture plugin to your app, see the following:


    For details about adding the Omniture plugin to your app, follow these steps:

    1. Start with the Basic Omniture Sample App.
    2. In the app/res/layout/omniture_activity_main.xml file, replace the following


      with this

    3. In the build.gradle, locate the Omniture code block and replace it with this:

      if ('Omniture')) {
        dependencies {
          implementation "com.brightcove.player:android-omniture-plugin:${anpVersion}"
          implementation files(libraryDirectory + "adobeMobileLibrary.jar")
          implementation "com.brightcove.player:exoplayer2:${anpVersion}"
    4. In the file, locate the onCreate() function. Where the BrightcoveVideoView is created, replace it with this:

      brightcoveVideoView = (BrightcoveExoPlayerVideoView) findViewById(;
    5. You are ready to run the sample app with the ExoPlayer framework.

    Page last updated on 28 Sep 2020